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The Hartley Pecora Law Offices will provide you with a criminal lawyer that has a non-judgmental attitude. Once you become one of our clients, we take on your worries and concerns. Our experienced attorneys aggressively defend the rights of our clients in all criminal courts.

Criminal Lawyer in Milwaukee

Our firm provides expert criminal defense for clients who have been accused of or arrested for all types of municipal law violations, probation and parole violations, state or federal felonies, and misdemeanors. We appear regularly in all the Milwaukee County courtrooms and those in surrounding areas. We know how the system works, and we will work to help you resolve or defend your case. Call us today for a criminal lawyer in Milwaukee who will represent you.

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  • Christopher L. Hartley
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Our Principles

When your liberty is at stake, it is imperative that you select your attorney with care. Good criminal law attorneys in Milwaukee, WI, are qualified and experienced. They are committed to using all the legal defenses and the latest case laws currently in place. We at Hartley Pecora Law Offices are faithful to those principles.

The Firm’s Mission

A defense attorney has to be dedicated to be able to deliver a consistently high level of legal service and representation. We strive to exceed your expectations and are committed to providing you with a cost-effective, professional criminal defense team. The lawyers of Hartley Pecora Law Offices will use the latest case law. We will be by your side throughout all the proceedings.

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